Will you take the #X challenge?

by omni

If you live for cheer, you spend a lot of time at the gym and at games and competitions. That means a lot of travel time. If you’re the one driving, we have a challenge for you: STOP USING YOUR PHONE. AT&T just started a campaign with the help of celebrities like Demi Lovato and Tim McGraw to text or tweet #X before you leave to tell your friends you’re driving and won’t be able to respond right away. More than 5 million people have already taken the pledge” “including us! #X will help you continue to #LiveForCheer, and it’s the ultimate way to give back and make a difference. Plus, the campaign website lets you create funny gifs of ridiculous texts, tweets, etc. you found waiting for you when you returned to your phone. Not texting while driving is so simple, but so important. No text is worth getting in an accident for. So join us in using #X, because #ItCanWait. Will you use #X? Let us know in the comments!

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