It is that time of year again: football is coming to close, and basketball season is on the horizon! As cheer parents, you support your cheerleader by going to all the games to cheer them on. Sideline cheer is not always created equal, and there are positives and negatives to both football and basketball season, but here are five reasons why cheer parents should absolutely love basketball season.

1. It is indoors.

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FINALLY, you get to sit inside! Football season starts at the tail end of hot summertime, and then ends at the onset of winter. Friday night games are either so hot you wish you could bring a portable AC, or so unbearably cold that you might lose a toe to frostbite. Basketball season might be in the dead of winter, but at least you’re indoors! It might get a little stuffy at times, but at least you leave with all your fingers and toes.

2. The excitement.

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Let’s face it–there can be a lot of downtime at football games. It is not that you do not enjoy watching and supporting your cheerleader, but watching footballers running on and off the field, is not that exciting. Plus, it does not give your cheerleader too much to cheer about. On the other hand, basketball season is action-packed! The basketball players are running up and down the court, your cheerleader is cheering and jumping with their team the entire game. There is a lot going on, and a lot to be excited about!

3. Better seats.

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Football stadiums are huge, making it sometimes hard to see your cheerleader when you are so far away. Basketball season is a more intimate setting: gyms are not as big, and there is not a lot of sideline space for your cheerleader. You can be as up close and personal as you want with your cheerleader, and really see and hear the cheers. You might be packed into the gym like sardines, but it is worth it to see your cheerleader having a great time getting involved in their school and sharing some of that school spirit.

4. New cheers.

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Because basketball is such a fast-paced, constantly moving game, cheerleaders do not have a lot of downtime. They constantly have to change up cheers depending on if the team is on the offense or defense (which can change in an instant). Cheerleaders need to prepare for what type of shot the players are going to take, and if there is foul, to change up the cheer for a free throw. The cheerleading squad gets a lot of time to really show off their skills, and you can feel the excitement and high energy at a basketball game.

5. Halftime.

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During football season, halftime usually involves the marching band, a flag or dance team, and the cheer squad. However, basketball season is when the cheerleaders get to take on the full halftime show! You finally get to see all the stunts and performances your cheerleader has been working so hard on. Plus, it is great to see the improvements your cheerleader has been making since the beginning of the school year back in August!

Why else should cheer parents love basketball season? Share your thoughts in the comments!