What Your Cheer Uniform Says About You

by omni

Your uniform represents your school, team, town, and sport‚ but ultimately, we think it says a lot about your squad’s personality! Whether it’s because of where you’re from or all the time you spend together at practices, cheer camps, games, and competitions, squads develop a group personality even though they’re full of cheerleaders with strong personalities of their own. Cheerleading is all about athletes with different strengths and personality traits coming together as one. That’s why we love it so much! Take a look at these uniforms and what we think they say about your squad’s personality. Then, let us know in the comments if you agree! Icon Your team is well-known for your long history of being a top cheer squad. When your squad name comes up, people immediately think of excellence. You’re iconic! Grand You go big. Every. Single. Time. Fans come to games looking forward to your exciting and athletic performances. You’re all about high-flying stunts and sharp motions. Blaze Your team is on fire. You’re the kind of squad great cheerleading movies are made of. You take classic cheer looks and traditions and add a whole lot of spirit! Divine You’re the ultimate crowd pleasers. No one can get fans on their feet like you can! Opponents come to your turf knowing it’s going to be LOUD. Legacy You’re a passionate squad that truly loves the sport. Year after year, your squad is top-notch because of the spirit that runs through every single cheerleader. And once you put on that uniform, you’re a teammate for life! Signature You’re an athletic, no-fuss cheer squad. You skip the drama and put all your energy into impressive stunts and eye-catching tumbling. You are the perfect example of hard work paying off! Which of these uniforms does your squad wear? Do you agree with what it says about your squad? Tell us in the comments how you’d describe your team!

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