What you do at practice is more important than what you wear, but what you wear can affect your performance at practice, so choosing  the right outfit is essential. Plus, picking out cheer outfits is fun! So let's look at the best cheer gear to wear for different types of cheer practices and events.

Wear cotton practice wear for conditioning and choreography. The looser (but not baggy!) fit keeps you cool and comfortable and isn't restrictive. Looser cotton clothing is also great for cheer events like fundraisers, pep rallies, and other non-uniform occasions, like a community or school festival - especially if you have shirts or shorts with your team logo or mascot on them. Relaxed fitting clothes, like the ones below, are also great for camp since you'll be working all day long in the summer heat. You'll definitely want clothes that are breathable.  Soffe shorts and a cheer tank are our go-tos!

cheer it outredsimply cheer-resistable

When it comes time to practice tumbling and stunting, you'll want to wear fitted practice wear. The tighter fit helps with performance because you don't have loose clothing getting in the way, but the stretch fabric still lets you move freely. Wearing stretch clothing for stunting and tumbling also keeps you and your teammates safe. If a flyer is wearing a loose t-shirt, for example, a base's finger could get caught in it as she tries to catch her. Similarly, as you're doing back handsprings or other tumbling passes, a loose t-shirt will probably keep falling up, which is annoying but could also obstruct your vision or movement. You should also throw a couple spandex outfits into your camp bag. Even though you'll spend a lot of your day doing choreography and conditioning that you'll  want looser clothing for like we mentioned above, you'll still want to change into fitted clothing before you start working on stunts!

For comfort and safety, it's best to stick with spandex materials for these activities that require flying, falling, catching, jumping, flipping, etc. Here are a few of our favorite stretch practice outfits from the recently-released 2015 cheer lines:

practice outfitneedlehope
What are your favorite cheer practice outfits? What material are you most comfortable practicing in?