You already know from our previous cheerleading camp series blogs that camp is a great time to bond, learn and improve skills. Camp will be filled with experienced (and enthusiastic!) instructors and volunteers that will help teams build self-confidence, inspire and be inspired in a positive environment that promotes a love for cheerleading.

Now that you know what camp is all about, what can you expect as a coach, captain or new team member? Find out in the third installment of our cheerleading camp series!

As a cheerleading coach or advisor, you are responsible for your entire team during camp. Beyond that though, you also need to be prepared to manage the expectations of your captain and team. Camp is a great time to mentor your captain and prepare her for leading the team during the season. It's also a great time to really become familiar with, and showcase, your team's abilities and honor each team member's uniqueness.

You may also be asked to perform some counseling duties like chaperoning recreational activities and other events on the schedule, and working with other teams and coaches.

Even if you are an experienced camper, attending as your team's captain can be a different experience entirely. As captain, you'll have many of the same responsibilities at camp that you will have at practices and performances throughout the season.

Captains are the leaders' leader, and need to be prepared to keep spirits up. They are responsible for facilitating camp culture and traditions by assembling and preparing the team each day for activities. Captains need to make sure their team stretches each morning and is aware of the day's activities.

Captains are also expected to tap into their creativity for developing and teaching new moves and routines, and assisting their coach in leading practices.

Captains need to remember that they are setting an example not only for their own team, but also for all other captains and teams attending camp with them. Be prepared to answer questions that your team members and other cheerleaders and captains may have.

If this is your first year attending cheer camp, don't be nervous! You will be working hard and pushing yourself, but you'll also learn a ton, make new friends and create life-long memories. Camp days will be filled with planned activities that will be hard work "“ but also hard play! Many camps include lots of fun activities for attendees like swimming, cook outs and nighttime camp fires.

You'll be staying in a shared living space, so be sure that your camp checklist only includes the essentials.

Camp is also a time to do a lot of learning. It is unique a experience that surrounds you with all levels of cheerleading talent, so take the opportunity to ask a lot of questions (and take a lot of notes)!
Camp, like regular season practices and commitments, is something that requires you to put in effort to get results. You need to be prepared to be on time for events, and to put everything you have into participating. Push yourself to get involved in contests and competitions.

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