What kind of uniform should your squad wear?

by omni

When it comes time to order new uniforms, a lot of coaches and cheerleaders find themselves wondering if sideline squads always wear double knit. The short answer is that you can wear anything you want. Of course, you will need to consider what the rules of your school, team, or organization are, but those will likely not specify the types of fabric you can choose. When you look at cheerleading, there are traditional looks for certain kinds of teams that many teams follow. You are most likely to see an All Star team wearing stretch uniforms with rhinestones, unique cuts, and flashy details, for example, while you will probably see a young Pop Warner squad cheering in traditional double knit uniforms with classic taping and lettering. However, it’s not unheard of to differ from the norm. In fact, it’s not even that rare! Sure, more than half of sideline teams probably wear double knit, but plenty of sideline squads wear stretch or performance uniforms and lots of competitive high school teams wear double knit uniforms. If your sideline squad is going to be doing a lot of stunting and tumbling, a performance uniform like the Chasse Performance Icon collection below is a great option. This will let you move around more as the fabric will be much less restrictive than a double knit. What it really comes down to though is the look and feel you want. There is no hard rule for what type of uniform you have to get, or even an unwritten rule that implies you have to wear double knit uniforms on the sidelines. Find a cheer company that offers free fit kits. Then you can try on the uniforms and see what is best for your squad’s needs. What type of uniform does your squad wear?

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