Being a cheer captain is a huge honor and responsibility. If you have your sights set on being captain, this is what it will take:

  • Motivation. A captain has to be a hard worker. Not only will this ensure you fulfill your role to the best of your ability, but it will also set the standard for the rest of the team. If you want to be captain, show that you are motivated and willing to do what it takes to make this a great season.

  • Experience. A captain doesn’t have to be the standout star of the team, but knowledge of cheerleading helps and team experience is important. You don’t have to have the highest jump or the best scorpion to be a team leader—in fact, that has almost nothing to do with leading a team well—but experience will give you insight into the team, including traditions, rivalries, and your coach’s expectations.

  • Responsibility. You probably already know that being captain comes with more responsibilities. This means that you need to be responsible! A person who knows how to prioritize and get things done is absolutely captain material. You will have a whole cheer team depending on you, after all. You can’t just forget to do things or put them off. 

  • Relationships. A captain should know her or his teammates well. You are there to help your teammates so that your team can reach goals and have an amazing season. This means knowing your teammates' different personalities so you can motivate and inspire them and notice when they’re struggling or need extra help or encouragement. 

  • Leadership. Being a captain means you lead the team. This includes leading cheers and other team things, as well as showing overall leadership when it comes to getting your team showtime-ready and setting a solid example for your teammates. 

Do you want to be a cheer captain? What are you focusing on to get there?