What Does Cheerleading Stand For?

by omni

Cheerleading can stand for many things, but here’s what I think it stands for‚ acronym style! C. Cooperation, from all parties involved. The parents play as big of a role as the coach does in cheerleading! Most grade school cheerleaders do not drive yet, and are unable to pay. H. Health. The health benefits behind this sport are highly rewarding. It’s a physical activity, and 99% of the time, the younger participants love cheering so much, they have no idea they are even exercising! E. Enthusiasm. What are we known for? Being loud and spirited of course! I don’t know about you, but I have never seen a completely miserable and negative cheerleader. They are typically the mother hens‚ the helpers, the ones to always cheer another up. E. E-nun-ci-a-tion. We are not singers. Each word is it’s own word. There’s more force, more power behind what you are saying when you enunciate your words. R. Responsibility. Each athlete has their own job, whether they know it or not. In order for your team to perform well, every piece has to be working smoothly. If you’re a cheer parent, this is a great life tool for your little one. When they don’t do their cheer role right, they have to accept responsibility. If they are the reason the flyer fell, well, it’s unfortunately on them. Cheerleading is a dangerous sport; if one person doesn’t do their job, it can have devastating consequences. L. Leadership. This goes hand in hand with responsibility: cheerleaders learn to have their own voice‚ and use it, too! We want a leader, not an echo. E. Encouragement. There is no prouder coach than a cheerleading coach. And, no prouder parent than a cheer parent! In my eyes, there is no sport that has teammates encouraging one another more. It’s more than a team, though; it’s a family. A family believes in one another, and will always have each other’s back. A. Adoration. Come on, who doesn’t love a cheerleader? Well, maybe someone who wants to be a cheerleader, but didn’t have what it takes. Take youth cheerleaders out somewhere in their uniforms, with their hair done with those big bows, and please email me personally if you don’t get huge smiles from multiple people. D. Dedication. Once you’re in, you’re in. Cheerleading is what you live, eat, sweat, sleep, and bleed. You need that dedication to keep up with the practices, competitions, and the fact that you may only get two months out of the year where you MIGHT get a break in the sport. I. Inspirational. Every young one looks up to a girl on that senior team with bright eyes. There is something about the uniform, the personality, and the sport itself that people look up to. N. Noisy. Cheerleaders are loud and proud. Spirited is their nature, and that facilitates the loud laughter, the constant cheering, and the ability to exert their voices. G. Grateful. Without cheerleaders, the world would be an ugly place. Football games wouldn’t be the same, and neither would basketball games. Those smiles and loud voices are something everyone should be grateful for. Cheerleaders leave a little sparkle wherever they go, and with every life that they touch. What does “CHEERLEADING’ mean to you? Tell us in the comments, as another acronym or not!

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