Your wishlist has changed a bit since your kids came along. It's not too late to let Santa know what you really want for Christmas this year...

1. A hot cup of coffee with a side of quiet.


Christmas–no matter who you are–is a wonderful time, but it is also crazy. Even your teenager, the one you can always depend on sleeping in until noon, is up like rooster at the first light of dawn. Nothing would be grander than a slow quiet morning. Just imagine it: sitting and drink that piping hot cup of Joe… maybe having yourself a cinnamon roll. Do you hear that? No. Isn’t it wonderful? It is silence. Take a moment and appreciate the calm before the storm.

2. Being able to buy everything on your kid’s wish list.

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It is an unfortunate fact, but sometimes we just cannot afford to buy all the things our kids want. At that point, you might have to get a bit creative with you gifts. It is so easy when they are young kids; half the time, they just want to live in the boxes and play in the paper. As kids get older, those gifts get more and more expensive and it is harder to get them all the gifts they want. Like most of us, you may have to pick between the new phone and the new gaming system, but sometimes the stars align, you planned ahead, you found all the right sales and you were able to get everything those kids of yours wanted!

3. Health and happiness.

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Nothing is more important to a cheer parent, or any parent really, than our children being happy and healthy. Nothing is harder for a parent than to see our children in pain and being powerless to do anything about it. As safe as we try to make the world for our children, it happens: ankles get sprained, bumps and bruises happen, Band-Aids are applied, casts go on and eventually cut off. We, as cheer parents, especially know how demanding the sport can be on our cheerleaders. At the end of the day, seeing our children happy and healthy is all we can ask for.

4. A little love.

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Being a parent is a thankless job. The ‘I love you’ and hugs that used to be so free flowing are a little more few and far between–especially during those tween to teenage years. We are all just doing the best we can, and it can seem that our kids even hate us sometimes. Yet, it is all because we love them and want to protect them. So, when that kid who screamed you were ‘The Worst’ last week, tells you they love you and gives you a hug, WE’LL TAKE IT!

5. The Big Win.

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Cheer parents, you get me–you want your kid to get the Big Win. That win can be making the All Star team or making varsity, or it could be winning at nationals or at a local level. It does not even have to sport-related: anytime you see your child work really hard at something, it can be really hard to see them lose or fail. That is the thing about Big Wins… they do not come along that often, so when they do, celebrate your children like the Big Winners they are!

What else do cheer parents want for Christmas? Tell us your wish list in the comments!