Cheerleaders are staples for not only schools, but of entire communities at large! As a cheerleader, it’s no surprise why you’re invited to all the town events–your team gets the people going! It’s your job to stir up crowds and get them pumped, so when it comes to parades, you fit right in with the festivities. In fact, a parade without cheerleaders is just bad planning! But, parades aren’t all fun and games; there are certain things you have to keep in mind to stay safe while you join in the fun. Each parade differs as well, so it’s good to know what’s expected of you when you’re faced with a parade windfall. Here are the top four parade situations that cheerleaders should know about:

  • Being in high school is a great time in your life, and each fall semester brings with it the excitement of football, and friends, and sideline season! But, the top school celebration on the list, of course, is Homecoming! Cheerleaders are no newbies to Homecoming parades–they pretty much go hand-in-hand! However, if this is your first year on the sidelines, you may be unaware of a few things. Your team is responsible for kicking off the new school year right, so make sure you know How to Handle Being in a Homecoming Parade.

  • Speaking of sideline season, you, as a cheerleader, cheer at as many away games as home games. When traveling to another school, you might know how to stay safe and remain respectful of the home team and their student section, but sometimes, your squad might step off the bus to find it’s a special night. Pop Warner Night and Senior Night are big occasions, but nothing’s bigger during the fall semester than another school’s Homecoming game. You should be aware of How to Cheer at Another School’s Homecoming, just in case you find yourself amidst the mayhem.

  • Cheerleaders are supposed to be peppy–it’s part of the job description. In fact, it’s your main job duty to stay positive when you don the uniform, even faced with devastating challenges or hardships. You know that you can overcome any obstacle as an outgoing and motivated cheerleader, but there are times when you might be overbearing to someone else in your efforts. Or, perhaps you accidentally steal someone else’s spotlight, because, hey, cheerleaders are accustomed to being the center of attention! Whatever the situation, cheerleaders can benefit from knowing How to Keep From Raining On a Parade.

  • You’re a cheerleader, and your community would like to see you! Part of being a cheerleader means that you give back through volunteering, fundraising, or helping make your community a better place. For everything that you do, it’s no wonder that your team gets invited to participate in neighborhood parades. Being in a city parade is much different than parading around your school, and you have to be prepared accordingly. Luckily, we’ve prepared a list of What Cheerleaders Should Know About Being in a Community Parade.

What else should cheerleaders know about parades? Were you in a parade that didn’t make the list? Share your parade experiences with us!