Ways Cheer Competitions Suck You In

by omni

You have been practicing your routine for so long, you’re practically doing it in your sleep. But now the day has finally come: it’s competition day. You take a deep breath as you get off the bus, wondering how your first competition is going to go. Don’t worry‚ you’re not the only one that’s a bundle of nerves! Competitions suck you in with everything you see, and you can’t help but react once you’re inside: You spy another team’s performance. And they look amazing. Hey, girl, do you SEE THAT?! via GIPHY Walking around, you’re taking in everyone’s look. OMG, Becky, look at that hair‚ via GIPHY Back on the mat, the team before you is finishing up their routine. Wait, did I just witness that? via GIPHY Wow, yes I did. And they nailed it. via GIPHY Watching the last team of the day. Ahh, they’re going to drop her! But I can’t look away! via GIPHY It’s the final moments. Who is going to win this?? TELL ME NOW. via GIPHY What other reactions do you get at cheer competitions? Let us know the emotions you feel.

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