CheerLiving® has released the fourth episode of its show!

The newest episode is here and it's all about fundraising - from tips to scenario skits to details on Fund2Raise scratch-off cards. This episode was a blast to create, as you'll see in the blooper reel that shows after the end credits.

Never watched CheerLiving's show before? Here's the 411: CheerLiving® magazine launched its own online show in September and is sponsored by Chassé® Cheer and produced by Cheer Channel. Twice a month, CheerLiving® will release a new episode, featuring cheer tips, answers to fan questions, giveaways, contests, and more. You can watch all episodes on Cheer Channel's YouTube page and on Cheerleading Blog's Facebook page.

Remember, you can subscribe to receive the digital version of CheerLiving® magazine for free by visiting the CheerLiving® website. You'll have access to both the first and second issue and you'll be emailed when a new issue is released!

Watch episode 4 now and then comment below and tell us your favorite part!