Everyone knows cheerleading is all about spirit. What some may not know is just how inspiring cheerleaders and squads can be. We've discussed the financial hardships of cheer, the potential injuries, and the hard work, but now we want to look at one of the many reasons why cheerleaders are some of the toughest, strongest, and passionate athletes.

It was hard to select only a few motivational stories, but we chose four stories and videos that feature four incredible cheerleaders and their squads that support them. You may want to grab a box of tissues before you hit play.

1. At Deer Park High School, Lindsay Long is a senior cheerleader that supports the football team on the sidelines, cheering and tumbling despite the fact that she's blind. Listen to Lindsay's story. Her teammates don't see Lindsay's worsening vision as a hindrance; they see it as an inspiration.

2. At Wilson Central High School, cheerleader Gabrielle Conklin doesn't let cerebral palsy and a wheelchair keep her spirit down. Instead, she energizes the crowd on the sidelines with her teammates. Watch what Gabrielle has to say about the support of her teammates:

3. At New Brighton Middle School, eighth grader Sarah Hill's dream came true when she made the school's cheerleading squad. Not only have the teammates warmly welcomed her, the coach believes Sarah has helped draw the team closer together.

4. This is a familiar story in the cheer world but deserves further discussion, still. Patience Beard is an Arkansas cheerleader and amputee. Having been born with a disorder that resulted in the amputation of her left leg, Patience didn't let that stop her from making the cheer squad.

What are your favorite inspirational cheer stories?