You've got your new teammates, your new uniforms, and your new skills from cheer camp. The season is about to begin, and you are totally ready for it"”which means it's time to warm up.

I'm not just talking about the importance of warming up your muscles before cheering. With the beginning of the season (and school year) comes the beginning of a new routine. A few weeks before you're back to classes and a new cheer practice schedule, start making little changes to adjust.

Try to get to bed and wake up a little earlier; you should always be getting a good night's sleep, but summer spoils us with being able to stay up late and sleep in to balance. Each night try going to bed another 10 to 15 minutes earlier until you reach your usual turn-in time for the school year. Set your alarm to help you get up in the same increments"”10 to 15 minutes earlier every day until you hit the time you need to get up to get ready for school. If you can, set your cell phone alarm with your favorite dance song or set an alarm with your clock radio tuned to your favorite station so you can start your day with high energy.

Be sure that you're drinking plenty of water. This is important during the summer when the heat is high, but it's worth keeping in mind all year round, too. Once you're racing and running keeping up with classes, cheer, and other extracurricular activities"”clubs, volunteering, part-time work"”it's important to stay hydrated in addition to being well-rested.

While the weather is still nice, try to spend as much time as you can outside. With sunblock, sunglasses, and a hat, of course, hit the beach or the pool for workouts or a little R&R. Enjoy a book in a sunny park (and warm up your reading muscles if you haven't been reading as much over the summer). Take in an outdoor concert or local events outside. Rest, healthy eating, and hydration are good for the body. Sun and fun are good for the soul.

Make sure you've got all the supplies you need for school as well as your cheer gear. Have a comfortable pair of shoes and sneakers with good support for your activity. Invest in an umbrella that fits in your purse or backpack (it's always good to have one on hand, no matter where you live). Enjoy the rest of your summer and get psyched for a new season about to begin!