Valentine's Day is only one day, but we plan on celebrating our love of cheer all month long!

There are so many things to love about cheerleading, it's hard to pick a favorite! Learning stunts and routines is always fun. Even though it can be difficult and frustrating, working past barriers and finally being able to do something you've never done before is a great feeling.

The cool uniforms are  another thing to love about cheerleading. There's nothing better than when your team gets new uniforms! You worked hard to earn the right to wear that uniform, and now you get  to enjoy it!

Cheerleading also lets you meet and get to know (sometimes too well) so many great people. From teammates to coaches, other cheer parents and even competitors, some of the people you meet through cheerleading will have a huge impact on your life. Being on a cheer team means having a second family.

You even get to take trips with this second family! Traveling to games, competitions, and camps is a blast whether it's just down the street or in a different state. Seeing new places is fun, but sometimes it's the car rides with your teammates where most of the fun happens!

We want to know which of these is your favorite! Our February poll asks what you love most about cheerleading. Vote below to let us know and be sure to check back at the end of the month to see the results!

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