Having the right uniforms, warmups, practice wear, shoes, and accessories for cheerleading is important. Your uniforms represent your school and help you cheer your basketball and football teams on to victory. Warmups keep you comfortable and give you a united team travel look.

Uniforms and warmups get the most time in the spotlight, but it's the stuff you wear behind-the-scenes while you're practicing your jumps, stunts, and routines that makes everything come together. Your shoes and practice wear have to be supportive but lightweight, breathable, and flexible. Proper practice wear is the key to preparing for a great performance, and of course you have to throw in some cheer necessities like bows, bags, and socks. It's also important that your practice wear is in good condition and that you replace it when it's time.

Shopping for cheer gear is fun and vital for  a good performance, whether you're cheering on the sidelines or competing. So we want to know how often you shop for new cheer gear! Do you get new cheer gear once a year, a couple times a season, all the time, or only when you really have to? Let us know!

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