Cheerleaders often face criticism like, "You can't be a professional cheerleader." "Cheerleading isn't a job." "What can you do with cheerleading after college?"

Well, we found a story that reinforces that even things that seem 'ridiculous' to some people can be a very satisfying career to others! Linden Wolbert proves that being a mermaid can be a career! Woldbert is a free diver that uses a 6 foot tail to swim and can hold her breath for five minutes. She works to promote ocean conservation and education. Watch this video from AOL, then read below for more information on Wolbert...and the mermaid trend!

Wolbert grew up fascinated by mermaids. She never let go of that passion, graduating from college with Bachelor degrees in science film. Since then, she's been a consultant on underwater photo shoots and video shoots. Then, when special effects artist Allan Holt asked her to help with an underwater music video, she saw an opportunity to make her mermaid dreams come true.

After speaking with him about her desire to create a prosthetic mermaid tail, Holt created one for her. Coming in at 6 feet long and 35 pounds, this isn't any ordinary Halloween costume. The hydro-dynamic tail, made from a fiberglass mold, cost $15,000 and took 7 months to build. The end result was a stunningly realistic tail.

Fast forward to today. Wolbert now has two mermaid tails with two others in production. As she continues practicing diving with her tails, she feels more and more like a mermaid. She now does event and party appearances as a mermaid, including parties attended by celebrities Jessica Alba and Justin Timberlake. She even stars in and produces the educational online show "The Mermaid Minute," where she teaches about the ocean.

The moral of her story is to never give up on your dreams!

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What do you think of Linden's story? What are your cheer dreams for the future?
News Source: Yahoo! Shine