Want to give back to your community but don't know what to do or how to do it? The easiest way to start is to rely on experience you already have - fundraising! Nearly every cheer squad has fundraised before. Those methods - whatever they were - can easily be transformed into actions for a good cause.

Did you hold a bake sale? Did you use Fun"d"2 Raise cards? Did a local business provide you with coupons? However you choose to fundraise, you can do the same to donate to charity or help those in need. Here's how:

Many cheer squads sell items or rely on contributions for their fundraising. This is popularly in the form of bake sales, door-to-door sales, and using Fun"d"2 Raise cards. You can use all of these methods to raise money for a local charity. If you hold a bake sale, make a large sign that includes the details of your event. For example, include details like where the money will go and who it will help. If you plan to donate 90% of sales to your local animal rescue and keep 10% for your squad's program fees, say so on your flyer or sign. The more honest and transparent you are, the more likely someone will be to donate.

A really simple and quick way to raise funds for a charity or organization is to use Fun"d"2 Raise cards. Each card costs just $5 and is guaranteed to earn you $250 per card. This is a cost-effective way to donate to a good cause. Using Fun"d"2 Raise cards is also good for when you're doing a last-minute donation or don't have time to plan an event or sale.

You can also use your event planning skills to help a good cause. If you have the time, reach out to a local organization or charity you wish to help (many cities and towns have animal shelters and Salvation Armies that are always looking for donations) and find out what they need to keep their organization running. Some charities and non-profits don't necessarily need money; some need supplies or clothing. Once you've discovered what you want to donate (either money or actual items), plan an event like a car wash. As payment, you can either ask for cash or items the organization needs, like toys or clothing. Make sure everyone who donates knows where their contribution is going and how it will help.

Planning Tips:

  • Get a head start! Don't wait until the last minute to plan an event or sale. Like a fundraiser, it takes time!

  • Research! Unless you're familiar with a non-profit or charity already, do your research to make sure the group is legitimate and will use your donations properly.

  • Get inspired! The best way to really get involved with a good cause is to actually be passionate about the cause. Find a group that relates to your own interests. If you are passionate about saving the whales, get involved with a beach cleaning or an oceanography research group. If you believe happiness comes in the form of a good meal, get involved with a soup kitchen or homeless shelter.

  • Promote! Don't forget to advertise your event or sale, even if it's just through social media. Have all team members reach out to their family to spread the word.

Have you ever used a fundraiser method to donate to or help out an organization or cause?