For the umpteenth time, cheerleading has been ruled not a sport.

We've previously discussed the ruling against cheer as a sport and how it affects cheerleaders. Since the early days of Title IX, cheerleading has never qualified as a sport, even though it meets many of the requirements. Over the years, many individuals, groups, and squads have fought hard to change that status, arguing that cheerleading, and particularly competitive cheer, is a sport.

This ruling has been building up for years when, in 2009, Quinnipiac volleyball players and coach sued the university for trying to replace volleyball with a competitive cheerleading program. Only now was the ruling decided.

The purpose of Title IX is to even the playing field and allow female athletes the same opportunity as male athletes to participate and compete in sports programs. Schools must adhere to this ruling. Even though Quinnipiac planned on compensating the dissipation of women's volleyball with a women's rugby team and a competitive cheer squad, which they called "acrobatics and tumbling," it still wasn't enough.

A U.S. District Court judge in Connecticut ruled in favor of the volleyball team, stating that competitive cheer has not advanced enough to qualify as a college sport and the university must keep the volleyball team.

According to the Judge, Stefan Underhill, even if the university were to also add a women's rugby team, Quinnipiac female students would still not have the same amount of competitive opportunities as the male students. It's unfortunate to see that cheerleading is not classified as a sport by the NCAA; and, according to the court, cheer isn't even considered an "emerging sport."

On the upside, cheerleaders should be pleased to hear that Judge Underhill agreed that cheerleading has significantly progressed over the years. We can only hope more people continue to see the advancement of cheer and that, sooner than later, cheerleading will be ruled as a sport.

Source: The Examiner
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