There are many awesome and exciting things about cheerleading that makes everyone stoked to participate. On the other hand, there are also a lot of mundane and even aggravating things that occur within the sport that most think less about. But, you love it. You love all of it, and usually keep quiet about it since most don’t agree with you or might question your point of view. Don’t worry, we won’t tell your team that you harbor a secret love for unusual cheer things. We will list them out for you, however, since you might not even realize you love these things as much as you do!

First and foremost, you really look forward to conditioning practice. You love it. Say what??! You are probably shaking your head right now, basking in denial, because you don’t think there is any way you even like conditioning days, let alone love them. Sure, conditioning day is hard and your coach seems to have a growing obsession with burpee drills, but you cannot deny what you secretly love about conditioning practice.

Speaking of the king and queens of conditioning day, you also secretly love your coach. Just to be clear: we do not mean you romantically love your coach, but you do love things ABOUT your coach that are pretty much priceless. Your coach has your back no matter what–even if you’ve gotten on their last nerve that day–and you owe them your whole cheer career. Don’t believe us? These perfect GIFs sum up the five things you secretly love about your cheer coach.

It’s not just your coach though; it’s your whole team that you care about. Moreover, you love team bonding, and any chance to do so! Because of this fact, you don’t mind the super long bus rides to and from cheer destinations that normally leave your teammates bored and tired. The wheels on the bus go round and round, and there are four things that you secretly love about traveling with your team as they do.

There are other types of team bonding that cannot happen on a travel bus, but happen in the moment when you perform. Your routines bind you with your teammates, and any flier would know there is no stronger trust than that between her and her bases group. New stunts can be dangerous endeavors, but it is ultimately worth it to show off the finished product to your audience–whether that be judges at a competition or fans at a home game. We know you secretly love learning new stunts, and this is why…

And no stunt would be complete without a crisp, clean cheer uniform to go along with it! Your uniform shows to the world that you are, indeed, a cheerleader. You know that it’s required to wear, and sometimes it gets a little smelly when you don’t have time to wash it in between cheer duties. Sometimes it gets downright uncomfortable to wear when it’s made out of heavy material in the hot sunlight, but despite all of this, you love wearing your cheer uniform more than you think.

Do you secretly love other things about cheerleading that didn’t make the list? Did all of this sound way too familiar? Let us know your thoughts in the comments!