Cheer teams are all about collaboration and cooperation, and working so closely together day in and day out creates a special bond between cheerleaders that no other sport can come close to. You literally put your lives in each others’ hands at every practice and performance! Everyone contributes to a cheer squad equally, and that means that team captains have to be able to not only acknowledge everyone’s individual strengths, but also build a better team as a result of bringing out every team member’s best qualities. It’s also important to find areas of collective weakness, in order to grow as a squad! Being team captain isn’t easy, by any means. That being said, a team captain’s job gets a lot easier if they let their squad teach them things that they might not have realized on their own. In fact, there are only two main lessons that a cheer captain must learn from their teammates.

1. Humility.
So, you’ve worked your way up to the top of the team–both in skill and in command. Congrats, you’re team captain! Although a celebratory position, you now have to realize that your role on the squad has shifted to that of the greater good rather than your own gain. Your teammates may not be as skilled in cheerleading as you are, so you have to learn to know when to shine and when to be humble in order to upkeep morale. You most likely are better at organizing, communicating, and executing team decisions than the rest of your teammates, so make sure to not only keep everyone in the loop, but also encourage team participation in these matters! It’s expected for you to take the reigns, just let others contribute too. In doing so, everyone will feel like a valued member of the team, and their happiness will make you feel better about sharing the spotlight than having it all to yourself.

2. Trust.
Sure, everyone on a cheer team has to trust each other just to be able to get through a routine. Yet, now that you’re calling the shots as captain, you have to be able to maintain the unconditional trust with your teammates that you once had before you earned this coveted position. Your teammates trust each other to show up, go full out, and give every practice or performance their all; you’ve got to be able to display this same trust when delegating team tasks to others on your squad. Trust that they will come through on their end without getting anxious or paranoid. And, the last thing you want to do is allocate a task to a team member, only to revoke it because you think you can do it better. Let everyone on the squad hold their own by trusting that they can get the job done. Plus, you won’t have too much on your plate throughout the season if you let others help!

There is an unlimited number of distinguishable lessons that cheer captain can learn from their teammates, but being able to trust and not let power get to your head are the main two to keep in mind. Nobody likes a tyrant, and being team captain can definitely feel like you’re walking a tightrope between peoples’ feelings sometimes. Don’t worry, by learning these two lessons early, you will be able to strike a balance! 

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