The season is upon us…the holiday season, that is! The weather may be turning your toes blue, but the season is sure to keep your heart warm. Practices slow down before the intensity of competition season is in full swing, school is out, and you spend your days making snow angels. You live in pure bliss, until you realize…you forgot to get your Secret Santa gift. Now what?

Don’t fret! If you’re feeling lost in this winter wonderland, we’ve got you. Check out our top picks any cheerleader on your team will be happy to unwrap.

Chassé® I Heart Cheer Phone Stand

Affordable and adorable, this phone stand is perfect for anyone in your gift exchange. It’s universal—the adhesive on the back can be attached to any phone or even tablet! Every cheerleader is a hard-working athlete who wants to boast their love for the sport.

All Star Custom Hair Bow - Princess

Though a little on the pricier side, the All Star Custom Hair Bow will bedazzle your cheer bestie as soon as they pull it out of the box. The best part is that these bows are fully customizable, so you can pick your Secret Santa’s favorite color and make sure the bow is something they’ll wear with any practice outfit!

Chassé® Fanny Pack

In case you missed the memo, fanny packs are SO in. Even though we rejected them for so many years, they’re no longer something your mom has to force you to wear on that family hike. Finally, something incredibly convenient is in style! Your gift exchange buddy will thank you a thousand times over when you gift them something they’ve secretly wanted for so long.

Chassé® Dreamer Glitter Tote

If your lucky draw of the cards has a thing for glitter or even just dreaming, this tote might just be the perfect gift. Let’s be real, though—what cheerleader doesn’t have a thing for glitter? With all of this storage space in such a cute exterior, they’d never guess you got it for such a steal. 

Chassé® Cheer Vibes Trucker Hat

For that cheer pal you’re constantly vibing with, there’s nothing more ideal to gift them than this hat. Even though the sunshine might be hiding away from you for a little while longer, it’ll be back sooner than you know it. Your teammate will be lucky to have this cap come next season's summer practices!

The holiday season paves way for endless gifting opportunities--and these are only a few of the many great gift exchange gifts you could find for your teammate. Are you a cheer mom shopping for your cheerleader instead? We still have ideas for you! 

Found something better we didn't list? Let us know in the comments!