In 2011, we ran series ranging from fitness how-to guides to managing your cheer lifestyle and everything in between. A major new project for us in 2011 was compiling the individual articles in our series to create comprehensive and invaluable resources for our readers! This year we published 2 completely free eBooks, which are still available to download. Look for more exciting publications from us in 2012!

The following articles were the most popular of the year, and are too good to get lost in 2011 and never heard from again. Read them, share them and take them into 2012 with you!

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Now Available: The Complete Guide To Tumbling For Cheerleading
Get all the tips, tricks and information on the tumbling moves you need to succeed as a cheerleader. This complete guide covers everything from beginner moves to pro moves.

Now Available: Introduction To Stunt Groups For Cheerleading
Get the 101 on stunt groups for cheerleading! This introductory guide includes a section for each of the main stunt group positions complete with strength training and tips designed specifically for that position.

Hair And Makeup Tips For Cheerleading Competitions
In all the competition preparation chaos, did you remember to coordinate your team's hair and makeup presentation? Crazy as it may be, judges actually have a place on the score sheet for this section! It's such an easy away to gain points so it is important that you don't forget about this section on the scorecard.

How (Not) To Clean Your Cheer Uniform
The modern cheerleading uniform is made to be active wear, and is often made from durable polyester knit fabric. What's that mean to you, beside comfort when you are performing? It means your uniform is most likely easier to clean than your standard cotton garment.

Is Your Team's Trust Conditional?
Many times, teams take advantage of trust, especially if the team has mostly returning members. An "˜old' team can grow so comfortable that they might forget the time when they were giving their team mates (then thought of as strangers!) the stink eye when it came to tossing and catching. Trust has to be built through action, it doesn't just exist, and it needs to be nurtured to grow.

Herkie Vs. Hurdler Debunked
Many cheerleaders get confused about what the difference is between a Herkie and a Hurdler. This article clarifies the difference for you by walking you through the step-by-step how-to instructions for each move.

Is Door-To-Door Fundraising Dead?
If your team is doing door-to-door sales, you need to keep in mind the pros and cons of this form of fundraising. While it is still a profitable venture for many teams, keep in mind that some people associate it with scam artists.

How To Manage Uniform Ordering
There is a lot to consider when choosing uniforms for your cheerleading team to wear during the season. No matter what kind of squad you are leading, you will probably feel some pressure to please everyone "“ the cheerleaders, their parents and your school or organization's administration. Here is a plan of attack that will help you start, and manage, the different stages of the ordering process.

So Your Daughter Wants To Be A Cheerleader?
Do you know what you are in for as a cheer parent? Here is a quick review of what to expect schedule-wise, financially and emotionally during tryouts, pre-season and the regular season.

The Evolution of Cheerleading Uniforms
Over the past century, cheerleading uniforms have dramatically been reshaped and reinvented to reflect the changes in American culture, fashion trends of the decades and the athleticism required in the progressive sport.

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