It's Monday and most people's least favorite day of the week. In the cheerleading spirit, we present a spirited video with an "aww" moment at the end.

At Holy Cross College, the mascot, Basil the St. Bernard, scores an incredible half-court shot on the basketball court, cheered on by the cheerleaders waving their pom poms. But the excitement doesn't end there. Because Basil made the incredibly difficult shot, one student in the audience won a grand prize of free text books for a semester (and if you're familiar with college text books, you know they come with a hefty price tag)!

Check the video out:

We think this would make a great halftime performance for basketball cheerleaders in high school or college! Work with your mascot to create different shot challenges. If certain shots are made, someone in the audience could win a prize. Can you think of another idea? Share below!
News Source: People