Every high school student looks forward to their prom. Lately though, there had been a lot of controversy centered around the apparel; with strapless, short, low cut and cut-out dresses having been deemed inappropriate and students being banned from entering if they wear these styles. Many times this results in a blame game between school officials and the offending student. But what happens when the school officials drop the ball regarding a completely different issue: the date of the event.A fail of epic proportions.In Bloomington, California, Bloomington High School students showed up for prom at Santa Anita Park on April 27, only to find out it was scheduled for the following Saturday (even though invitations and calendars from the school clearly stated prom was on April 27). The park tried to make do for the upset students and pulled together a last minute prom that was anything but memorable - music played via a laptop instead of a DJ and cold chicken strips instead of dinner.Don't let your prom be a bust! Download our free guide on planning prom and make yours memorable.Watch the news coverage of the incident:
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