These Cheerleaders Say “No” to Bullying with a Music Video

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We’ve talked before about cheerleaders standing up against bullying. Thanks to Cheer Channel, we discovered another great example of cheerleaders in action! The cheerleaders and dancers of the Premier Athletics Michigan Extreme teams partnered up with the popular children’s music group and TV series called “Ariel, Zoey & Eli” to film an anti-bullying music video called “Hey Bully!” It’s been growing in views on Youtube and we hope more and more children and teens see it! This is a great example of cheerleaders giving back to their community. Here’s the full story posted by Cheer Channel! At the end, watch the music video! “Hey Bully” Anti Bullying Video By Ariel, Zoey, & Eli Feat. Premier Athletics Michigan Xtreme Cheerleaders and Dancers The Premier Athletics Michigan Xtreme cheerleading and dance teams are definitely Anti-Bullies! So much so, they partnered up with Ariel, Zoey & Eli, a popular children’s music group and television series out of Detroit, for an anti-bullying music video, “Hey Bully!” Michigan Xtreme cheerleaders and Hip-Hop dancers can be seen in the “Hey Bully!” music video (produced by Soup J Productions) which has over 150,000 views! Coach Aaron Anderson of Premier Athletics Michigan did the choreography for the music video, and Lisa Hemmie, Director of Premier Athletics Michigan, was the Associate Producer and Advisor to the Executive Producer of the music video. Lisa Hemmie was thrilled to be able to have her team take part in the music video and advocate such a powerful and meaningful message. Premier Athletics Michigan stands firmly against bullying and jumped on the opportunity to choreograph for and be in the music video. “When I heard that Cheer Channel was running an Anti-Bullying Campaign during Secret Diary 2, I wanted to share what we have done to stand up and speak out agains bullying. It is exciting to see other industry leaders making a stand against bullying and helping to stop such a destructive trend,” said Hemmie. Written by Grammy winner Jim Peterik (Eye of the Tiger, The Search is Over, Vehicle) for Ariel, Zoey and Eli (of the television show “Ariel & Zoey & Eli, Too”), Hey Bully! is an anti-bully anthem for those who fell by the coward bully’s hand. Michigan Xtreme athletes have worked with the Soup J Productions company on many projects. Ariel and Zoey, 14-year-old identical twins and Eli, their 11 year old younger brother, debuted their TV show, “Ariel, Zoey and Eli Too” in September of 2010. The siblings write and perform their own songs under their band name, Sugar Station. Their show has been broadcast nationwide on NBC and PBS and features other popular teen/tween actors, Cody Simpson, Miranda Cosgrove, David Archuleta, and Kevin Costner. The show is in it’s successful third season and the trio is finding their music career taking off, performing at events and army benefits across Michigan. ABOUT PREMIER ATHLETICS MICHIGAN Premier Athletics-Michigan Xtreme is a cheerleading and dance training center located in Plymouth Township, MI that has tremendous national recognition due the performance of their cheer and hip hop dance teams. In business for over 11 years, Michigan Xtreme has established a recognizable brand with more than 400 students including several performances at the prestigious Cheerleading and Dance Worlds. Check out the music video: Do you think this is a good way to promote anti-bullying? Has your team or school taken action against bullying?

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