In Virginia, the Hopewell High School cheerleaders know how to make the most of fundraising. Over the summer, the team worked hard raising money by utilizing several different fundraiser ideas, including selling doughnuts, raffling off baseball game tickets, serving spaghetti dinners, hosting a Ruby Tuesdays Night, holding a yard sale, running a community youth camp, and visiting local businesses for sponsorships. All of their hard work and community support paid off. The team raised enough to purchase 25 new cheer uniforms for the new season!

Rather than stopping after such a successful summer campaign, the team is already preparing for their September fundraisers - hosting a CiCi's Pizza Night and selling doughnuts. The money they raise will be used to purchase pink cheer gear to support Breast Cancer Awareness Month. This team is a great example at how much a team can achieve by joining together and fundraising. Fundraising can greatly cut down program fees, as well as create a presence in the community.

Congratulations, Hopewell cheerleaders! You're a great example of fundraising pros! If your team wants to start some major fundraising, check out our two free eBooks - one on fundraising basics and the other on advertising your fundraiser for better results.

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News Source: Progress-Index
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