It’s the most wonderful time of the year! We roll out our brand new apparel items annually at unbeatable prices for cheerleaders and cheer enthusiasts alike, and the wait is finally over. All of our 2016 items are now available online and to order over the phone, with catalogs coming straight to the doors of our subscribers shortly. Please take a moment to look at our new landing page on our website that will direct you to all the new gear.

In addition to our catalog, our friends at CheerLiving® Magazine are debuting their 2016 Spring Buyer’s Guide this month which is overflowing with products that we offer! The lifestyle magazine for cheerleaders is available as a free digital download on their website, or can be ordered to your door at no cost–just like our catalogs!

There are so many new arrivals this year! Even though we’re stoked on everything, there are some products in particular that make us excited beyond belief. This industry is always progressing, and this year really shows it! You can access all the new arrivals now on our site, but below you can see our absolute favorites that we think you should consider for your next cheer season:

Chassé® Sublimation.
Chassé has recently rolled out a whole new design center, complete with all new customization options for your orders. Not only does Chassé offer novel designs for 2016 (which is added to an already large selection), but you can now design sublimated practice wear items and sublimated DOUBLE KNIT uniforms. This changes EVERYTHING. Double knit sublimation means that you can take your custom designs to the sidelines, and never have to worry about fill-ins again! Not only that, but Chassé has gone coed! Sublimate your entire team’s uniforms and practice wear without having to look elsewhere for men’s items. It’s easy to see that Chassé really stepped up their sublimation game this year, and we can’t wait for teams to reap the rewards of their improved design center!

Screen-printed tees.
The 2016 selection of screen-printed tees and tanks from Chassé is ON POINT. There are so many that are not just cute, but also speak to us on a personal level while reflecting the mantras of any lover of cheerleading. If you can’t decide which tee or tank design is your favorite, don’t feel bad–we want to own them all too!

The Chassé HighLyte shoe. Alright, so this shoe isn’t quite available yet due to its release later this spring, but it can be ordered on backorder starting today. It’s the best shoe on the market for competitive cheerleaders–particularly, flyers–due to Tri-Knit™ performance technology which allows it to only weigh 4.6 ounces. If you don’t know how light that is, try holding four and a half slices of bread in your hand; it’s that light. With unmatched flexibility, a breathable construction, a shock-attenuating outsole, and a cushioned insole, this shoe cannot get any better for flyers–especially with such an ultimate grip for their bases! Don’t get discouraged from the backorder: it’s worth the wait, and will be available well before your next cheer season.

What’s your favorite new Omni Cheer item for 2016? Let us know how you rock our new cheer gear on our social media pages or in the comments below!