This time of year all cheerleaders are gearing up for the new season. Coaches usually order uniforms, warmups, team bags, and poms, but you have to stock up on practice wear yourself and probably pick out your new cheer shoes. Whether you’re a coach ordering shoes for your whole team or a cheerleader getting new shoes for the new season, ordering shoes can be stressful. Getting the right ones is so important though, so we were thrilled that our friends at CheerLiving® Magazine covered the process of choosing the right ones in their latest episode of the CheerLiving Show!

The show hosts discuss four common myths about buying cheer shoes. Even if you have been cheering for years, you might have fallen for at least one of these!

Our favorite part (other than the bloopers at the end, of course) is when they discuss common features of cheerleading shoes that set them apart from other types of athletic shoes. It really is important to get a shoe specifically intended for cheerleading and not a general training shoe or a shoe designed for athletes in other sports.

Even then though, there are different kinds of shoes for different types of cheerleaders! This can be confusing, but the hosts walk you through what to look for if you’ll be using your cheer shoes for competitions or for cheering on the sidelines in gyms or on football fields.

Educating yourself on how to shop for cheer shoes may take a little time, but it’s so worth it since wearing the right shoes will prevent injuries and help you cheer your best. Who doesn’t want better grip for the surface you’re on or the right shoe material to keep your shoes from falling apart midseason? We certainly do!

Watch the video from CheerLiving, and let us know your favorite part and how you choose your cheer shoes in the comments!