Trying out for cheerleading is an exciting and nerve-racking time of year, especially if this is your first year ever trying out. Whether it's your first or final time trying out for a cheer team, take a look at our amazing new 20+ page guide on how to prepare for tryouts and make the squad. There are even some great infographs inside!

Learn everything you need to know about preparing for cheerleading tryouts with this new guide.

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Tryouts 101
Trying out for cheer for the first time (or at a new school or gym) can be scary and nerve-racking. You must be prepared and know what to expect in order to make the team. Follow our tips if you're a hopeful cheerleader or a current cheerleader trying out at a new school or organization.

Preparation Timeline
Regardless of one's experience, many aspiring cheerleaders don't give themselves enough time to prepare for tryouts. Follow our infograph timeline so you don't forget any of the steps on the road to tryouts.

Fitness To-Do List
Fitness is one of the greatest tools that an athlete can use for success. Anyone getting ready to tryout for cheerleading should start working on a fitness routine at least two months before tryouts so their body and mind have time to train and prep. It's never too late to start increasing your fitness routine. Even if your tryouts are in a few weeks, start training as if you have months to go.

10 Tryout Mistakes and How to Avoid Them
Just because you're a newbie doesn't mean you have to look like a newbie! When you tryout, you want to look as knowledgeable as an experienced cheerleader. Here are a few common mistakes cheerleaders make at tryouts. Learn them and avoid them! Then, go out there and show the coach what you've got.

Rock Your Tryout
From preparation work to day-of advice, follow our 10 tips (in an infograph!) to help you boost your spirit, inspire the coach, and make the squad!

Packing Checklist
You've prepared for months and the big day has finally arrived. Use our handy infograph checklist so you don't forget to bring any of the essentials with you to tryouts. 

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