School might drag on and on through a semester, but being there isn’t so bad. You’re with your friends, you are learning new things, and even though you’d rather be anywhere else on some days, you know that you and your peers are at least all stuck there together. School administrators feel the same way, which is why there is always something fun and exciting thrown in between the monotonous daily grind. That’s right–school events! Between afterschool activities, dances, fundraisers, pep rallies, home games, school plays, and everything else, you can never admit that school gets too boring! As cheerleaders, you and your team have a special bond with your school, and usually are the first ones that administrators turn to in order to kick the spirit up a notch. But, where are the best places to hold for school functions? Obviously, ‘at school’ is the number one answer, yet certain spots around the school grounds work better than others. There are also several off-campus locations that offer not only an age-appropriate atmosphere for everyone involved, but keep participating students safe throughout the event. Here is a list of the top two places for school functions:

Location #1: the movie theater.
Be it a movie night for your class, a local film festival debuting the work of local filmmakers (cough, community service hours if you help set up and breakdown, as well as free admission once you do), or an award ceremony for one of your school teams, a move theater is a great way to get a lot of people together for a night out! Theaters are multi-versatile too, so if you have a big class presentation coming up, ask your instructor if you can make it into a formal event by booking an afternoon at a theater and present there on the big screen. Most independent movie theaters advertise private events, so it’s definitely doable. If they require some money upfront to book your event, it’s time to do some at-school fundraising! Take this idea to the next level if your town has a local drive-in theater; just imagine Senior Night with a 1950s theme at the drive-in. Too cool.

Location #2: the football field. Yes, you heard right! Your school's football field is 100 yards of untapped potential that can support a large group of people without ever leaving campus! Granted, any outside event requires sunshine, so try to schedule these events when you know the weather will be nice! Spring flings are great to hold outdoors, being that it’s supposed to remind you that spring has sprung! Autumn events are tricky (because the football team still uses the field every day), so make sure that any first semester school events are done during school hours and cleaned up before the end of the day! Cheerleaders are accustomed to football fields, so use the track for tumbling shows and bust out some routines for event-goers in the space you already know! Football fields are good for other school events, like carnivals, community fundraisers, science fairs, promotional exhibits, and more. You can even organize a ‘Senior Camp’, where all the seniors take a day off from their studies to spend together doing normal summer camp things, like sing-a-longs, relay races, and ghost stories! Just don’t include s’mores over a real campfire though, because your school administrators might not be too thrilled about potential fire hazards in your plan. Using the football field for an event will also mean that some extra maintenance will be needed to get the field back into game shape. Make sure to get the OK from your school administrators to use this space before you start any planning, and you can even check if a local landscaping company would donate clean up and restoration services!

Do you know of other great places to hold school events? Have you gotten creative with a school function that was fun and successful? Share your stories in the comments!