As a former cheerleader, one of the subjects I would like to touch on in this article, are cheer dads! There are often a lot of preconceived notions that follow most cheer dads around. They are often stereotyped as the confused, yet supportive parent on the sidelines… sitting in between the cheer moms. Yet, you see them at the competitions and games with crazy hair, or painted faces, or even crazy clothes in team colors. They may even scream, yell, and dance around as the cheerleaders perform their big routine. But, most importantly, they are cheer dads! Some may assume they are just a little bit crazy, right? Nah, not really… Having that strong male support, I believe, is very important to have around your squad. With a room full of estrogen, sometimes it’s nice to have that male figure that can act as the voice of reason. Nobody has time for team drama!

Growing up, some of the best advice I have ever received came from the supportive cheer dads’ role on our squad. They truly share some valuable knowledge and insight that is much needed for any cheer team. I learned a lot of valuable life lessons from them, lessons like the team comes first and foremost–always. Another valuable lesson was the importance of dedication to your squad. Or even, to always keep a smile on my face, and that other girls are not your enemy. I could name many more, like learning to trust, giving it your all, and being a classy competitor over a sore loser. The list can seriously go on and on. Cheer dads play a bigger role than most would think! Cheerleaders are often under a lot of stress, especially competitive cheerleaders. So, having a cheer dad on your squad is not only very beneficial, but also the strength and level-headedness that they bring to the team can really be a breath of fresh air.

With all the craziness that comes with cheerleading, dads perform a sort of balancing act that diffuses team tension. For example, the fellow cheer moms can get a little too caught up with their children’s cheer career from time to time. Cheer dads just have that way about them that they can always
dissipate team conflict by not choosing sides or playing favoritism. This can happen with coaches and team decisions, too! Having that diplomatic ‘cheer dad approach’ is always valued and appreciated. Cheer dads are not only stand as voices of reason, but they can also provide positive support and encouragement for you and your team. With the odds against them fitting in, it’s funny that they are actually needed so much. So, for those squads who are lucky enough to have that supportive cheer dad as part of the parent team, be sure to show your appreciation for them and all that they do! They deserve it!

What other roles do cheer dads play in the world of cheerleading? What do cheer dads bring to your team? Share your stories in the comments!