When you first join or considering joining a cheer squad, there are a lot of unknowns. You will likely get those basic questions answered before the first practice or team meeting, like when practices will be and what the general team rules are. However, since joining a cheer squad is a major commitment, there are some other questions you should ask before making that commitment. This applies not only to cheerleaders, but also to cheer parents, coaches, and even cheerleaders who will have a special role on the team, like captains. Here are some questions to ask before the start of the season:

  • Cheer parents. You already know that joining a cheerleading squad is a major decision. Asking these five questions will help you determine whether the squad is a good fit for your cheerleader and your family. 

  • Cheerleaders. As an athlete, you want to be on a team where you can thrive. You also need to be on a team that you are willing to commit to, since you will be expected to take your role on the team seriously. You’ll have more fun and do better on a team that fits your needs and personality. Ask these five questions before joining a cheer squad to make sure it's the right one for you.

  • Cheer coaches. Even experienced cheerleading coaches need to get a few things straight before they begin coaching at a new school or cheerleading organization. Here are five questions to ask before the start of the season.

  • Cheer captains. Being the captain of a cheerleading squad is a huge honor and a major responsibility. Whether you were appointed by your coach or voted captain by your teammates, your leadership skills and experience have been noticed. Now it’s time to be the best captain you can be and lead your team into a great cheer season! Asking these questions will help make that happen.

What do you think is important to find out when choosing a cheerleading team or deciding whether to join your school squad?