Your spring semester is over, and spring is making room for summer. Seniors are walking across the stages to receive their diplomas, and some cheerleaders are aging out as others head to camp. That’s right, competition AND sideline seasons are over! Tryouts are over (or should be by now), and thinking ahead to next season almost seems silly. But, it’s necessary! Now is the time to buckle down on your goal list, and figure out exactly what it is that you want to achieve in the near future. What are your cheer goals? What are the summer ones, the camp ones, the ones for when you return to school? Don’t stress–this isn’t summer homework now that school’s out. We wouldn’t burden you like that. As you transition into summertime, reflect on personal progress, the months ahead, and these significant tidbits of cheer news that happened while you finished up school:

Happy graduation, seniors! It’s a major life accomplishment to finish high school, and we hope you are taking the time to celebrate. You’ve earned it! Although you may think your graduating class is no different from the rest in graduation history, think again! We’ve taken the time to compile a list of why your class stands out from the rest, and called it “16 Amazingly Unique Things About the Class of 2016”. Have a wonderful Graduation Day, and enjoy your Senior Summer!

Cheer camp is right around the corner! We know you’ve been looking forward to it all year, and for first-timers, we’re sure that you may be getting a little antsy with anticipation. Before your imagination gets carried away (or before you get overwhelmed once you get there), we’ve released a new University eBook–all about CAMP! What’s more, it’s available now for a free download! Get your Complete Guide to Cheer Camp, and revel in every second of camp while you’re there!

Our friends at CheerLiving® Magazine has released another episode of their web series that is PERFECT for this time of year! Now that tryouts are over and all the cheer retailers have debuted their spring line for 2016, it’s time to shop for next season! It’s not only imperative to order early to get the gear you want, but to avoid bad order blunders. In “Tackling Ordering”, CheerLiving tells you not only how to order, but also when. PSST, we’ll give you a hint–the busy season is approaching!

It’s always hard to say goodbye. May stands as a turning point of the seasons (cough, is it getting hot in here?!), yet it also signifies that important things in your life may be ending. If you’re a senior saying goodbye to your high school, this can be an exciting time… until you figure out that things are definitely changing forever. Don’t worry: you and your friends aren’t branching off into the big, bad world quite yet. Preserve your memories in “The Time Has Come to Say Goodbye to High School”.

Did you hear of other cheer news over the last month? We want to know! Tell us your cheer news in the comments below!