Cheerleaders spend a lot of time thinking about the perfect uniform, with matching bows and the perfect pom poms, but they spend less time thinking about their feet. Cheer shoes are an important part of cheerleading, so you need to find the right shoes for your team. I don’t need a glass slipper, I need cheer shoes! The 2016 shoes on the market will fit your team’s specific needs. Consider our selection: whether your team is an outdoor or indoor team, we will have the shoes for you! If you are looking for a competition shoe, we have that, too!

Last year, we released the Chassé® ProFlex shoes. This shoe has quickly become one of our top-selling items. It has a 5-star rating online, and Andrea M. from Denham Springs, LA said, “I recommend this shoe to all of my all star athletes. To me, it is comparable in looks to Nfinity®, and it has a better price and holds up much better. Well worth the money spent.” The shoes were designed with all star teams in mind, meaning they are lightweight, flexible, long-lasting, but are not recommended for outdoor use.  You will land every stunt with rubber toe and heel pods for that grip and durability you are looking for. The ProFlex shoe has a great price point, and be sure to check out our new catalog for great bonus offers.

If you like the Chassé ProFlex, you will love the new Chassé HighLyte. The Chasse Highlyte has trademarked Tri-Knit® technology, that allows the shoe to have the flexibility and stability you need for stunting and flying. This shoes is mesh, so it is recommended for indoor use. Don’t be fooled by the indoor recommendation though: this shoe is very durable, and will hold up for your cheer season. The shoes are true to fit, so you will not have to guess on sizing. The HighLyte has a great introductory special and bonus offers, so be sure to call our sales department and ask about those options!

The Chassé Flip IV is the newest upgrade to our Flip collection. The Flip IV is brand new this year, and is a great outdoor shoe for sideline cheerleaders. The shoe has synthetic leather uppers for easy cleaning and resilience, and a mesh tongue that allows breathability for those hot days out on the field. For so much durability, you will be amazed how lightweight the shoes are, and with extra cushioning, it is great for stunting. You can customize the shoes to match your uniform with interchangeable color cards that come in seven different color combinations. If you liked the Chassé Flip III, you will love the upgrades the Chassé Flip IV has to offer. 

Asics® has two new shoes out this year, and we are glad to bring back the Asics Ultralyte Cheer 2 shoe. You are not going to find the Asics Ultralyte Cheer 2 anywhere else–just with us! The Asics Ultralyte Cheer 2 is a performance shoe, and is also recommended for indoor use. This shoe is lightweight, has a low-profile sole that has been stitched down, and has a pivot point for spins. The sole has a high density design that helps with grip and hold, which is great for flyers because it has palm and finger grips zones for base holds. Asics is a well-known brand that is known for their quality, strength, and durability. You cannot go wrong with an Asics shoe!

This year, Asics came out with a brand new competition shoe recommended for flyers. The Asics Ultimate Cheer is a low-profile shoe that is made of mesh and synthetic rubber. The shoe is lightweight– perfect for a flyer–and has a shock-absorbing gel-cushioning system. If you are looking for an outdoor shoe, Asics is offering the Asics Cheer 8. This shoe has a modern style with a low-profile platform. The shoe comes in a soft synthetic leather and a rubber outsole, which makes cleaning effortless. These shoes can be customized for any look with the interchangeable color cards for the tongue and side.

Nike® is offering an indoor or outdoor shoe, the Nike Sideline Cheer III. The Sideline III is a very popular, five-star rated shoe that has a classic look. The shoes are made of leather, which makes them easy to clean, and has a pylon midsole with flex grooves, making the shoes flexible. The shoes have a low rise and are comfortable with lightweight cushioning. The shoe can be worn inside or outside, and will not mark up the floors. This shoe also comes with interchangeable color inserts to customize your Nike swoosh to match your uniform. The Nike Sideline III is a classic dependable cheer shoe that everyone knows. You really cannot go wrong with the Nike Sideline III.

Adidas® offers the Adidas Triple Threat, I mean, the Adidas Triple Cheer. This shoe is a triple threat, having durability, breathability, and support. With the combination of synthetic uppers and mesh, you will get the breathability you want and the support you need for stunting. The Adidas Triple Cheer is an indoor and outdoor shoe that has a low-profile design. It also has an added feature that keeps those laces secure and in place. If you are looking for a shoe that can be worn on the field and in the gym, this might be the perfect shoe for you and your team.

If you need a tumble and stunt shoe, the Keapa® TouchUp might be for you. This shoe is made for the perfect balance of fit and comfort. The TouchUp has an arch height that can be adjusted to fit your foot, a removable insole with a heel pad, and polyurethane foam cushion. The shoe also has Touch Technology for a sensory connection in your stunt group. The TouchUps are low-rise and lightweight, and are easy to clean. This is a great shoe option for your stunt performers, and is available for team pricing. 

We offer any style of shoe your team may need for the upcoming season. When preparing for ordering shoes, be sure to know the needs of your team. Style is great, but functionality is what is most important. We offer all different styles and brands of shoes, including Nike, Reebok®, Adidas, Asics, ION® Cheer and Chassé. No matter the style you are looking for, we have it and with our low price guarantee, you will not find prices like this anywhere else! Be sure to check out our online catalog for introductory offers, gift with purchase, and team pricing.

What are your favorite shoes of 2016? Did they make the list? Let us know in the comments!