The Complete Guide To Perfecting A Cheerleader Costume

by omni

Are you ready to suit up in one of the most iconic uniforms ever this Halloween? Let us help you get it right with this checklist! The Clothes The cheerleading skirt is a staple, mandatory part of being recognized as a cheerleader! You can shop the Chasse cheer skirt collection to get affordable options like classic pleats, or some more updated styles! Next, you need to decide if you want to wear a retro cheerleading sweater, or a classic cheerleading shell top. If you want a retro look, you can pair a sweater with a pleated skirt. For a more updated look, you can find a shell top that matches that skirt style you chose. Even though it is just a costume, you still want to consider what to wear under your uniform. Classic or boy-cut briefs are part of an authentic cheer look, and they keep you covered. If you are worried about Halloween being a chilly night, purchase a bodysuit or crop top to go underneath your shell top. This will keep you warm and give you the cheerleading look! To finish off your costume, pick up a pair of white cheerleading shoes! Hair and Makeup No need for a wig – there are several hairstyles you can wear to look like a cheerleader! The classic look is a standard ponytail, with the pulled-back hair in curls. You can also pull the front of your hair back and create a poof, then curl the hair that remains down. Braids are also very popular with cheerleaders. Don’t forget to add a jumbo cheer hairbow! Cheerleaders have a glitz and glamour side, so feel free to use glitter for your costume! Check out the glitter dust and adhesive stars and rhinestones from Glitterbug Cosmetics – the face of cheer. Accessories You’ve got the look down, and you’ll bring the attitude – but don’t forget the details! Pick up some cheerleading pom poms, a colorful megaphone and make a “trick-or-treat” sign to take your costume to the next level!

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