It's time to start getting ready to go back to school, and to get ready for a new cheerleading season to start! Congrats on making the squad this year! As an athlete, you have a very busy year ahead of you. The "˜Back to School' guide will help you define what it means to be an athlete, get you ready for cheerleading season and help you care for your cheerleading gear.

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Featured Sections

Being an Athlete for Your School: The Bonus Benefits
Behind the smiles, outside of practices and beyond the pep rallies, what does it really mean to be a cheerleader for your school?

Make Your Cheer Year Anything But Routine: Guide For Beating The Cheer Blahs
Whether you are a new cheerleader or a seasoned professional, routine can start to make you feel like you don't have much to cheer about. But don't fear the blues! There are lots of ways to keep the "˜cheer' in cheerleading!

How To Balance Life As An Athlete
Time is one of the world's most valuable commodities, but as a student and an athlete (new word mash-up alert: studenthlete!!), you aren't going to have much of it to spare. With a little effort and organization though, you'll find that you are able to maximize the time that you do have.

Cheerleading Uniform Cleaning DO'S vs. DOOZY'S
The modern cheerleading uniform is made to be active wear, and is often made from durable polyester knit fabric. What's that mean to you, beside comfort when you are performing? It means your uniform is most likely easier to clean than your standard cotton garment.

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