Not much can shake the foundation of solid cheerleading squad "“ but a mid-season change in leadership can come pretty close. It can cause confusion and tension on a team, but arming yourself with a little insight about mid-season changes can help you prepare in case it happens to your cheerleading team. Use this guide to navigate through the situation, with tips for new leaders, team members and parents!

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The Shake Up
Learn about why a leadership change might happen mid season, who might take over, and what to expect to happen to the dynamics of the team.

Tips For New Coaches
How do you succeed if you step in as a new coach mid-season? As a new leader, it is important that you embrace, accept and meet the challenge head on. Ignoring the change in dynamic will only build tensions on the team, which could lead to a lack of motivation and poor performances. Once any concerns are addressed, everyone will feel better and the team can focus on meeting its goals and developing its strategies. Here are some tips to help you and your team transition smoothly through the change.

Tips For New Captains
A mid-season captain change is not something that most cheerleading squads would look forward to, but when the right team member is promoted to captain they should be able provide the team with the positivity to recognize the situation as an opportunity, and the confidence to move forward and achieve the season's goals.Here are some tips to help incoming captains balance their new role and breathe new life into the team.

Tips For Cheerleaders
Being a member of a cheerleading squad that has to replace its coach or captain mid-season can be tough. If you find yourself in that situation, try these tips to help yourself, and your teammates, not only survive the transition but also thrive in the possibility of fresh perspectives and creative ideas.

Tips For Parents
Being the parent of a cheerleader whose team has just replaced its coach or captain mid-season can be stressful for parents, too. If you keep your calm as a parent, it is more likely your athlete will keep their calm too. Adjusting to change doesn't have to disrupt the season's routine. If you find your cheerleader in this situation, use these tips to help carry you through the change, and ultimately make it easier for your cheerleader to adjust.

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