The best time to buy new cheer practice wear is when you need it, but cheerleading is already expensive, so if you can stock up on  cheer gear other times of the year, you can save yourself some money.  With items like uniforms and warmups, it's often important to order in the spring and early summer so the items you want are in stock and you have plenty of time for them to be customized and shipped to you, but with practice wear you don't have to worry about shopping at a specific time of year. So when is the best time to buy your cheer practice outfits?

Most cheer companies release their new lines of practice wear in the spring, so around March, start looking for last season's cheerleading apparel to go on sale as the companies make room for new products. But, buying clearance cheer gear isn't the only way to save money on apparel  this time of year. Companies often offer sales on their new cheer gear right when it comes out to draw attention to their new products.  If you can plan ahead and place one bigger order instead of multiple small orders throughout the year, you can also save on shipping  - especially if the company offers free shipping on larger orders.

Spring is also a popular time of year for contests, so stay in touch with your favorite cheer retailers so you will know about any chances to win free stuff. Subscribe to their email list and follow them on social media, especially Facebook and Twitter. Many companies offer email-only sales or run contests they only feature on Facebook. It's common for companies to put links to their social media pages at the bottom or top of their websites, so look there to find out how you can stay in-the-know about contests and sales.

The holidays are also a popular time for sales on cheerleading gear. Again, by signing up for emails and following companies online, you ??ll be notified whenever there's a sale. Black Friday and Cyber Monday are popular shopping holidays where you can save money on cheer practice outfits, but this time of year companies also commonly hold stocking stuffer sales on items like cheer bows and socks or New Year's sales on everything from cheer shoes to apparel and warmups. In fact, companies could use any holiday as a chance to promote products by offering fun contests and sales, so keep an eye on your inbox or news feed during Easter, Halloween, St. Patrick's Day, Valentine's Day, and other holidays.

If you're purchasing practice wear for an entire team, look for grant opportunities. Cheerleading apparel brand Chassé® just launched its Youth Leaders Fund grant for the second year in a row where it gives discounts on its gear to youth teams to help eliminate financial barriers that may keep people from participating in cheer.

The bottom line for saving money is to keep an eye out for deals on cheerleading clothes, then buy what you will need for the year (including camp outfits, warm and cold weather options, and cheer gifts) when you spot a good sale! 

What have you found to be the best time of year to save on cheer gear?