It’s the end of competition season, with teams traveling all over the country to go home with the trophy or empty-handed with high hopes for next year. It’s already time to start planning for next season, with tryouts underway and camp around the corner! School is not quite out yet with final exams looming, and sideline season just ended with those final championship basketball games; needless to say, being a cheerleader in April is no easy task! It also doesn’t help that the sun is finally showing face after a long winter season, calling your social calendar into the spotlight on top of everything else. With this happening all at once, you may have missed the top cheerleading news of last month, so here are some highlights:

CheerLiving® Magazine released their highly-anticipated Spring Buyer’s Guide issue for 2016! It features the latest fashions, industry updates, and advice–just for cheerleaders and cheer supporters! Our 2016 products are included throughout the magazine, and we couldn’t be more honored. Also, we’ve heard some rumors that the magazine might be going digital-only platform soon, and not only that, but the magazine is getting taken to a whole new interactive, tricked-out level! So, make sure to subscribe today in order to get your free digital copy of the Spring Buyer’s Guide and the upcoming summer issue delivered straight to you.

Class is in session! Well, at least for a little bit longer anyway. Why not double-down on the studying by learning about cheerleading’s biggest trend? Sublimation is taking the industry by storm, and generating endless possibilities when it comes to team gear. Being a new trend, you might not know where to begin even contemplating how to get it for your team. Don’t worry! Just sit back and enjoy Sublimation 101 (and we promise there won’t be an exam following the blog). Study on, smart cheerleaders!

Cheerleading in pop culture has gotten a bad rap, with untrue stereotypes and skewed perspectives of what a cheerleader really embodies. This is especially true for movies featuring cheer teams: characters are mean to each other, gossip and fight, and do whatever it takes to be ‘the best’. In real life, however, cheerleaders are kind, generous, empathetic, honest, and inclusive! We took into consideration the messages being portrayed in these films and broke down what it means to be a good teammate according to cheer movies. Oh, and put GIFs to it.

Have you stocked up on practice wear for summer and cheer camp? With all new gear on the market, now is the time to get your practice wear shopping on! But, where to start? CheerLiving showcases the hottest items for summer in their latest episode of their web series, featuring Chassé®! They even detail all of the customization options you can add to have a unique look at every summer cheer event. Watch Episode 27 “Practice Wear 101” now.

Did you hear other cheer news over the last month? Spill what you’ve heard in the comments below, and gear up to have a great May!