1. Excitement
You are at the competition! Your squad looks amazing, with glittery eyes, colorful lips, and wild bows in your curls. Everyone is rocking out to your fave tunes on the radio for the bus ride to the competition. Friends and family are coming to see you perform, complete with noisemakers, poms, and homemade posters to wave around when you get out on the mat. You are going to be so awesome, you can't sit still.jimmy

  1. Nerves
You arrive at the competition and see the other participating squads. Who also look insanely fierce. Whose fans are also filling up the stands. Whowait a second, did those girls just throw a standing layout in unison? Are they going all-out for their warmup, or are their motions that in sync even without trying? And if you're not mistaken, that is the highest basket toss you've ever seen.nerves

  1. Full-Blown Panic
Everyone is great. Everyone is rocking cheer attitude and style, and all of a sudden, your heart is pounding a mile a minute. Apply more mascara. Is your bow drooping? Your lipstick is not bright enough. Oh, no, there are your parents in the stands. And your non-cheer besties, and your boyfriend/girlfriend, and your great-grandmother, who is knitting a #1 Cheerleader sweater for you. Which you will have to relinquish to the basket toss masters in about 30 seconds. Where is the glitter???panic

  1. Realization
OK, deep breath. You know how hard your squad has worked for the past few weeks and months. From strength training to tumbling classes, you have become stronger together. Coach has played your competition track so many times that you're pretty sure your entire squad could hit every motion perfectly with no music or without anyone counting off. During your practice run, you caught the competition volunteers smiling during your cheerwhich your squad wrote together, you know, no biggie. Wow, why were you even nervous? Your squad and your routine are basically perfect.realization

  1. Confidence
Smile, project, and hit every motion"”then run off the mat screaming and hugging your teammates, because you just killed it out there! Every competition is a little scary at first, but all a squad can do is perform its best. Have faith in your squad and yourself, and you will walk off the mat with your heads held high. No matter how the team places, you'll know that you worked hard and gave the audience something to get on its feet and cheer for.confidence
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