It's easy to forget how much we have to be thankful for.

Whether it's spending time with family and good friends or eating delicious food, it's always something to look forward to and in most cases, always a party.

I remember many Thanksgivings spent watching football games and swapping stories with relatives and slipping in- and out- of tryptophan-induced slumber.

Regardless of what you are grateful for, every cheerleader should be thankful for the ability to sit down with close friends and family to enjoy a meal.

So this year, who are you thankful for?

For many of our readers, one thing you could offer thanks for is your "cheerleading family".

Why not?

Like any competitive athletic program, cheerleaders spend as much "“if not more- time with their cheerleading families as they do with anyone else, whether it's spent refining cheer routines, taking long bus rides to cheerleading competitions or trying to spread spirit on the sidelines, this is one group of people that you can probably offer up some thanks for.

You rely on these people for so many things friendship, a good laugh and most importantly "“ cheerleading. Although it's easy to lose sight of a supporting cast's importance, many cheerleaders would cease to be without their support network. First and foremost, there would be no flyers. Second, there would be no bases and spotters. Third, there would be no team competition.

Since we spend so much time with our respective cheerleading families, however, we often take their role in our lives for granted.

In addition to the physical responsibilities they share with us, in many cases teammates foster bonds that span lifetimes, providing many of us reasons to get together, for years to come.

With that being said, there's no surprise why everyone looks forward to Thanksgiving. It's that perfect opportunity to spend time with friends and family, eat great home-cooked food and give thanks for everything you have in your life... long as you can stay awake to remember it all.