Cheer camp instills many things–memories, motions, routines, and really good friendships. However, going there may have some lasting side effects that you probably didn’t think about before you went. You may be returning home and noticing these unsettling new character traits or habits that have developed out of thin air. What is happening?? How can be this be?? You only went for a couple days, and yet, cheer camp has left a profound effect on your personality. Some things you’ve been noticing are downright silly in nature, but most are good changes that you shouldn’t freak out about. Do not consult a doctor for any of the following side effects of attending cheer camp:

1. LOL-ing to inside jokes in public

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Oh, you’re going to come back with a lot of them. You've met so many new people, you have to tell the world about them! And, when you reference them around non-cheering friends and family, none of them will get it. You just had to be there… and then some! Your nearest and dearest won’t know who half the people you’re talking about are when you recount your camp stories, so get ready to ditch the explanation and just laugh to yourself.

2. Spirit Stick-itis

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You might come down with a wicked case of superstition, known commonly as Spirit Stick Syndrome, where you regard every cheer item as sacred for the rest of the summer. Camp brought the old cheerleading legend to life, so why not keep it going with a homemade version at the house. You can use a paper towel roll liner and decorate it with glitter, gemstones, and ribbons. Invite your cheer friends over for a slumber party to tell big urban cheerleading myths in the dark with it, or put it somewhere prominent in your house. Just don’t dare to drop it!!

3. Unexaggerated brilliance

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At camp, you learned so many cheers that you’re now a pro to make anything into a catchy chant. And you great every idea with the utmost optimism. Especially everything your parents and siblings say to you–you’re not even meaning to do it! Before you annoy your whole family, start writing some chants down instead. Get creative, and if you come up with some that you really like, approach your coach about trying them out with the team next season!

4. Routine flashbacks

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The minute part of your camp routine medley comes on at a store, it’s almost as if the music takes over your autonomic nervous system. Almost like a reflex, you launch into the first motions… as everyone stares, confused. Oh well, let them stare– this routine is fire!

5. Stunted growth

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JK, not literally! It’s more like you’ve seen growth in how you stunt, and that is reflected in how you train over the rest of the summer. Cheer camp definitely taught you tricks and tips on becoming a better cheerleader, and you can’t wait to reunite with your team to show off your new skills next season!

What other side effects of attending cheer camp have you experienced? We want to know about them! Tell us your camp story in the comments.