Cheerleaders are always busy, but summer means you have at least some extra time on your hands. When you don’t have school and cheer every day, you probably don’t know what to do with yourself. Here are five summer must-dos for cheerleaders:

  • Sleep in. This is the closest thing you will get to an off-season, so catch up on your rest! If you lay in bed till noon each day, you will just feel lethargic and lazy all day, so find the happy medium between getting up at the crack of dawn and sleeping all day. 

  • Make fitness fun. You have a lot of time on your hands—or at least more time than usual—to work on your fitness. Take advantage of it! During the fall, you’ll have a whistle blowing while you do burpees and planks, so use this time to do workouts that are actually fun to you. Think of it as playing rather than exercising. Go to the gym if you enjoy it, but also try new things, like a yoga or barre class, hiking, bike riding, swimming, or even jumping on a trampoline with your friends. Just get out and be active! When fall comes around, you’ll be glad you have a general fitness foundation to build on and aren’t starting new.

  • Bond with your teammates. Get to know each other outside of cheerleading! You will probably still see each other at open gyms, cheer camp, and summer practices, but dedicate some of your extra time this summer to just hanging out together. You can plan a whole team outing like a bonfire or movie night, or just go to the mall with a couple teammates who live close by. Teammates also make great summer workout buddies—and there’s nothing like getting through a killer (but fun!) workout together to make you friends for life.

  • Cheer. You really don’t get an off-season. Summer gives you a chance to work on your cheer skills on your own outside of practice. This doesn’t all have to be physical. You can improve a lot just from visualizing yourself doing stunts and tumbling passes perfectly. Spend some time studying cheer by perusing YouTube videos or flipping through one of the cheer guides in the University.

  • Go on an adventure. Cheerleading takes up a lot of time year-round, and while we know you wouldn’t have it any other way, you do have to sacrifice a lot to stay committed to cheer. That’s why you owe it to yourself to do some fun non-cheer activities during the summer! Go on a road trip, take a day trip to the beach or a nearby lake or river, plan a weekend getaway in addition to any family vacations, check out a water park or other local attraction, or anything else you might enjoy but don’t normally have time for! 

What are your summer must-dos?