Camp is a fun and immersive experience.  Not only do you learn new cheers, stunts, and are constantly improving as a team, but though these experiences you learn even more.  Cheer camp is all about improving your individual skills, team bonding, and making friends along the way. What you may not realize is you are also learning subtle skills that can be used in everyday life.  

Here are a few of those life skills:

Being Respectful:

You might be one of those lucky kids who never had to share a room with a sibling.  At cheer camp you are bunking with your entire team, and that can be a challenge for someone who has never had to share their space. Cohabitating in a small area with several people can be draining and just down right annoying at times. What you are learning from this experience is how to be respectful of other peoples personal space, time and belongings. You wouldn't like it if someone just jumped into your bunk and started using all your things! Sharing a room with your team forces you to learn quickly what it means to be respectful of people and to share your space.


Learning a new stunt isn't easy! It takes time and practice, practice, practice. There is no magic potion you can take to learn a new stunt, it really requires you to do the work and keep doing it until you finally stick it. When you do finally nail that stunt, you get the satisfaction of your hard work paying off! What you don’t know is that you learned a very valuable skill--perseverance. In life, you are not always going to succeed, but that doesn't mean you should stop trying. After failing several times at something, you can become discouraged or even give up. However, you learned how to persevere, see past failure and to keep trying.

Conquering your Fears:

You are not going to be able to successful if you are scared of taking a risk. Conquering your fears is no small feat.   Fear is deep down, and learning how to push past that to succeed is not easy. Whether your fears are learning a new stunt, performing in front of other squads, or just meeting new people. Learning how to know what you are actually afraid of and getting past that it is a very valuable skill. Simply going to camp can cause butterflies in your stomach.  Once you get there and start having a fun with you team, you have possibly already conquered a fear! 

What is to fear when you have your entire squad cheer you on? Nothing!

Cheer camp will fill you with lasting memories and friendships.  You will not only learn skills you can use to improve yourself as a cheerleaders, but camp will also teach you skills that can be used in your everyday life. By learning to be respectful of each other, persevere when times get hard, and conquer your fears there is nothing that can hold you back!