You do not have to be a competitive cheerleader to travel: any time you board a bus, you’re en route to somewhere with your team! As a sideline cheerleader, you might think traveling short distances–like to away games or to practice spaces–does not require a tricked-out cheer bag. Well, you’re right! But, you do need a bag dependable enough to hold a lot of necessities no matter where you cheer.

Think about it: in case of injury, you might need an Ace bandage or Band-Aids; in case of a beauty emergency, you might need more hairspray or glitter; in case of hunger, you may need a whole bag of potato chips. The point is, you never know what you need while you're cheering on the road, so bringing more is always better... just in case. As a competitive cheerleader, you might already know that you're in the market for an extra-large duffle to fit a week's worth of cheer gear for those far-away competitions. And then there's always that week of cheer camp in the summertime! So, no matter where you're headed, cheerleaders have to purchase a suitable bag. To make it easy for you, we've compiled a breakdown of Chassé® cheer bags to not only address your needs, but also be the best bang for your buck!

The Tote:
Totes, like the Chassé Glitter Tote, are great for after-school practices and around town events. Are you doing a fundraiser at a community center? How about a car wash? A bake sale? This is the perfect cheer bag to not only hold your necessities on hand, but also proclaim to your community that you are a proud cheerleader!

The Basic Backpack:
Have an away game? Smaller backpacks–like the Chassé Basic or Shine backpacks–are perfect from going on day-trips with your team! Each has compartmentalized mesh side pockets to sort all of your cheer gear on the go. On top of the cheer imprint included with purchase, you can also get your school name or logo embroidered to personalize your bag, as well as your name–just in case another teammate has the same bag!

The Weekender Backpack:
Going away with your team for a couple days? Well, then you need the Chassé Weekender Backpack: an extra-large backpack to store and sort all of your cheer essentials... and then some! This backpack comes with a lot of storage, a padded back, and a secure lock shoulder strap to make transport more comfortable if your bag gets a little heavy. With so many pockets, a separate lower compartment for your cheer shoes, and a cheer imprint, you might love to carry this bag around all the time!

The Micro Duffle Bag: The Chassé Micro Duffle Bag is similar to the Weekender backpack when it comes to storage although made to carry like a traditional duffle. The micro duffle also does not come with a shoe compartment, but this makes it great for coaches and cheer parents, too! The Velcro-seal hand straps make it easy to hold in your hands, yet the removable, adjustable, and padded shoulder strap allows you to carry this bag any which way you want.

The Chassé Travel Sport Bag:
This is the ultimate competition travel bag, with a “cheerleader” imprint, inside storage, a shoulder strap, and (most importantly) a separate shoe compartment to keep your cheer shoes safe from harm while you travel! Chassé products emphasize the importance of cheer shoe care, and this travel bag is the best on the market to cater to every cheerleader's needs. Seriously though: the last thing you want to do is to show up to a competition with ruined cheer shoes due to an unforeseen spill in your bag!

What travel bag is your favorite? Which one fits your needs the most? Tell us your thoughts and remember to always travel safe with your team!