This inspirational news story is a great way to round out the week (even if it is just Thursday). In Bluffdale, Utah, Utah Peaks Academy offers those with special needs a chance to cheer, with major support from their community. The Academy hosts cheerleading classes for special needs children and young adults (anywhere between 3-years-old to 26!) and has two special needs squads, Team Pride and Team Perfection.

The Academy is run by many volunteers who all want to prove that special needs cheerleaders are athletes just as much as any other athlete. All of the classes and squads for special needs students are completely free of charge, including their accessories and team uniforms. The squads even get to travel to competitions!

Many of the parents of the cheerleaders have seen their children flourish as an athlete and individual - not only do they learn coordination and cheers, they learn the value of teamwork and ways to socialize.

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Watch one of Team Perfection's performances at a competition:

Does your community offer cheer classes to those with special needs?