When I was in elementary school and on the cheer squad, my sister was the team's coach. Now some may think, "wow that is awesome" and honestly it was an amazing experience. However, there are two sides to every situation. I was especially lucky in many ways and very unlucky in others.

My sister knew some of my friends that joined the team for many years before the team started. This gave my friends and I a comfortable environment for practice and the basketball games we cheered at. They were relaxed around my sister and felt as if they had known her forever. I also had an advantage with learning and practicing cheers since I was able to see my sister outside of practice. It was really fun to have someone to go to if I didn't understand a cheer or if I needed help practicing. I literally had my team coach right in my house to help me! My sister would also teach me new cheers earlier than the other girls so that I could help demonstrate at practice. My sister even let my friends and I help behind the scenes with the team, like picking out uniforms and competition music.

However, one problem I had having my sister as the coach was the fact that my teammates thought they could get closer to my sister if they were close to me. They would talk to me and ask me questions about my sister to find out how to get on her good side. I know the girls didn't mean any harm but it definitely wasn't cool on my part. This put me in a bad position with some girls because I couldn't have a tell-all about my sister! I told my sister about the problem and we had a talk about it. Then, my sister had a meeting at the beginning of practice to explain to the girls that this approach would not work. I think all the girls understood that trying to kiss up is going to make you mess up. Everything with my teammates was fine after the meeting.

My sister and I, of course, have had our bad moments, given that we are sisters. We sometimes got annoyed with each other and at times we would disagree or even argue at practice. However, overall having my sister coach my team was a wonderful experience! My sister eventually had to stop coaching because she was in college and she was very busy with school work. Not to mention she was also on a professional cheerleading team! My school couldn't find another coach so cheerleading was canceled. All of my teammates missed the cheerleading team a lot, but luckily the girls and I who were in my class are heading to high school where there is a cheerleading team and we can't wait to dive in. The high school cheerleading teams is really good and the cheerleaders do amazing tricks and stunts! Even though this is all good, and high school will be exciting, I will never forget the cheerleading team my sister made at my school. It was an amazing experience and memory to last a lifetime!

Have you ever been on a cheer team with a sibling or relative?