Should these cheerleaders be allowed to wear their uniforms to school?

by omni

Cheerleading is full of traditions. Don’t drop a spirit stick, for example: (Source: For many schools, one of these important traditions is cheerleaders wearing their uniforms to school on game days. But for cheerleaders at Northwest Rankin High School in Rankin County, Mississippi, that is no longer an option. The school’s principal said cheerleaders could only wear their uniforms to school if they wear pants or knee-length shorts under their cheer skirts. Nearly 20 parents showed up to his office to protest, but he said the decision stands because the school district’s dress code says skirts have to be knee-length, and the cheerleading uniforms are not. Many parents were upset about the sudden policy change. “We have to sign papers when our girls make cheerleader for the rules for the year. This was not in the policies, so we don’t understand how all of the sudden you can implement that without talking with a parent who has spent $4,000 for her daughter to cheer and have the right to wear that skirt,” one mother told WAPT News. WAPT has more on the story here. What do you think? Is the principal just enforcing district rules, or is this an important tradition that should be allowed to continue?

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