Putting on your cheerleading uniform is the best feeling in the world! You take a lot of pride in your team, and it’s a huge honor to get to represent it. That’s why every cheerleader loves getting new uniformsand finally getting to wear your team uniform again when football or competition season rolls back around!

Cheerleading uniforms are full of tradition, and they have to be functional, too! No one wants to be too hot, cold, or restricted when she’s trying to cheer. The look of the uniforms is important as well. After all, it’s your uniforms that make the first impression before your cheers and routines take over. 

That’s why we wanted to know what kind of uniforms you like! Our September poll asked what your favorite uniform style is. We asked, you answered, and the results are in!

We were actually a little surprised by your answers! Most of you prefer a trendy crop top and shorts. This look is getting more and more popular. We love the comfort and flexibility it offers. The stretch fabric definitely isn’t restrictive, which is why this is so commonly seen on competitive teams. Plus, there are so many great designs and color options for this style!

The second most popular answer was traditional double knit uniforms. A classic sideline uniform like this never goes out of style! We love the sense of history and pride these uniforms bring, especially when you’re wearing them as you cheer on your team against a longtime rival. 

Some of you prefer any type of stretch uniforms—comfort is key when it comes to cheering, after all! 

A lot of you also like to put a modern twist on a classic with metallic accents on your double knit uniforms. This is a great new, stylish take on an old tradition. That metallic flair will definitely catch the crowd’s attention under those Friday night lights!

See the full results below and be sure to vote in our October poll!